The Pirate Quiz – Treasures of the Hotel Room

The secret treasure of the hotel roomI don’t know for you, but I have a strange habit. Each time I’m going in a hotel room, the first thing I do when I arrive in the room is to look behind all frames/canvas hanged on the wall to see if there is something hidden. I don’t know what I expect to find. … Continue reading "The Pirate Quiz – Treasures of the Hotel Room"

How to download a file with Anti-virus warning on Gmail [updated April 2017]

gmail-anti-virus-warningYesterday, I was searching in my Gmail for old files that I wanted to download. Once the email opened, I had a particular surprise: Anti-virus warning – 2 attachments contain a virus or blocked file. Downloading these attachments is disabled. Why do we have this anti-virus warning? Like I said, this error was kind of surprising since I know … Continue reading "How to download a file with Anti-virus warning on Gmail [updated April 2017]"

Tutorial on how to root your LG V10 phone

Full-guide-to-root-LG-V10Yes, another Android article! This time, I wrote a “full guide” about how to root the new LG V10 phone. I’m using “full guide” here, because in order to be able to root this phone, you’ll need to perform 3 steps: unlock the bootloader, install the TWRP recovery and finally root the device with SuperSU. I … Continue reading "Tutorial on how to root your LG V10 phone"

My list of top utilities apps for Android

Top-free-utilities-apps-for-AndroidThere are so many apps you can download on Android. Among them, I must say that utilities apps is my favorite category of all. These apps can help you to do many things in your daily life. I just made a list of my top utilities apps on Android on the How Geeks View website. … Continue reading "My list of top utilities apps for Android"

Build an high-tech mirror with an old phone

how to build an high-tech mirrorCool looking mirror, uh? I had some spare time recently and decided to build an high-tech mirror. I had two old iPhone at home (one was mine, other one was to girlfriend… We’re on Android now 😛 ), so instead of having them sleeping in the bottom of a drawer, I built something more useful. … Continue reading "Build an high-tech mirror with an old phone"

Facebook Hacks and Tricks Edition 2016

facebook hacks and tricks edition 2016Hey guys, I’m really happy to announce the release of the 2016 edition of Facebook Hacks and Tricks! In this little eBook written by myself, you will be able to find many hacks and tricks to perform on the Facebook platform, such as: – How to see private profile pictures – How to disable chat’s … Continue reading "Facebook Hacks and Tricks Edition 2016"