The Pirate Quiz – Treasures of the Hotel Room

The secret treasure of the hotel room

I don’t know for you, but I have a strange habit. Each time I’m going in a hotel room, the first thing I do when I arrive in the room is to look behind all frames/canvas hanged on the wall to see if there is something hidden. I don’t know what I expect to find. Maybe a secret treasure or something!

On my last pilot training, I had to be in a hotel room for a long period of time. When I first arrived, I made no exceptions and I looked behind all frames. As usual, there was nothing :(. I then realized the sad truth: it was never going to happen… Unless I am the one to make it happen! So I decided to make a little scavenger hunt in my hotel room.


The scavenger hunt preparation

So first, I removed the smaller canvas print (the one I first looked behind) and placed a little piece of paper with a clue on it.


Congratulations, you just found a clue to the secret treasure!

But maybe that under the bigger canvas lies a bigger clue…

So indeed, I’ve put another clue under the bigger canvas print.


Wow, you found another clue!

You must have some pirate blood in you.

The secret treasure is near, you can feel it!

But where to search next?

Maybe that the following website will tell you…

After this, I prepared a little pirate quiz on my blog! The person would need to take the quiz and to answer all 3 questions correctly in order to have the next and final clue­! I had a lot of fun building this quiz and if you want to try it, you can here.


Once the person has answered all 3 questions correctly, the location of the secret treasure is finally revealed. Basically, I’m telling him/her to look under the air conditioning system for the treasure.


The secret treasure revealed

Every good story has an end! After having a little bit of pleasure (at least I hope!), the person will find the following under the air conditioning system:


Arrrrrrrrrr! Such a great pirate loot!

A little bit of fuel for the day! It’s not that much, but at the same time it is just enough to give a little smile on someone’s face for the day ūüôā

A new thing?

My dream is that one day I finally find something hidden behind a hanged frame in a hotel room. No need to be a big pirate treasure, but only a little message or something! So if you liked my idea, do the same next time you are in a hotel room and put a smile on someone else’s face! And don’t forget to share this article if you liked it.


How to download a file with Anti-virus warning on Gmail [updated April 2017]


Yesterday, I was searching in my Gmail for old files that I wanted to download. Once the email opened, I had a particular surprise:¬†Anti-virus warning ‚Äď 2 attachments contain a virus or blocked file. Downloading these attachments is disabled.


Why do we have this anti-virus warning?

Like I said,¬†this error¬†was kind of surprising since I know for sure those files don’t contain viruses. After reading the Learn more link, I realized that those files were marked as a virus because they contained another .zip file in it. According to this link again, it is also possible to have a file¬†blocked if it figures in the list of the Gmail blocked file type¬†(for example a .bat file). You can take a look to the banned files type list¬†here.

I think this is good that an anti-virus has been implemented into Gmail, but it should let the user choose if they want to be able to download their files anyway. They should only put a warning and let the download happens if this is what the user want. Since this is not the case, we need to think outside of the box to be able to download those files!

How to download the blocked files anyway

UPDATE: My original solution doesn’t seems to work anymore. You can still find it at the bottom of this page, but I updated this post with a new solution.

Available solutions:
1- Save email and open it in Outlook or any other email client (new solution, working)
2- Enable Google Drive button (doesn’t work anymore?)

Method 1: Save email and open it in Outlook

1- Click on the “More” arrow at the top right of the email and click on “Show original”.


2- Click on “Download original” at the bottom left.


3- Save the file as “email.eml“. The file extension needs to be .eml.

4- Open the file with outlook, or any other email client. You will now be able to download your files.


UPDATE: I will include Sara’s comment here, since it seems to have helped many people.
I tried this and it worked ;). Just open the email on gmail app. Here you can download the files without restrictions, then just send the files from your phone to your PC using USB conection or another message app which allows to attatch documents (like whatsapp or telegram). Hope it helps! ūüėČ


Method #2: Enable Google Drive button and save file to drive (outdated)

When I saw this error yesterday, I first made a Google search to try to find a solution. I fall¬†into many blog posts with solutions which weren’t working for me, or was simply too much work. Since I’m lazy, I tried to find a solution that could be simpler and I found one. To download your blocked files, simply follow the following steps.

1- Hover your file, right click on the download button and select Inspect in the menu.


2- The inspector will then show up with the element selected. Below the selected element, you will have a div with the title Save to drive. Select that element.


3- Now, double click on the style attribute of the element. The style attribute should be selected. Erase it by pressing the backspace.


4- Now go back in your browser and hover your file again. The save to drive button should have appears. Click on it and the file will be saved in your Google drive!


5- Tadaaaa. Go on Google drive and you should have no problems to download your file from there now.


I hope this little trick will help you have a better day!


Tutorial on how to root your LG V10 phone


Yes, another Android article! This time, I wrote a “full guide” about how to root the new¬†LG V10 phone. I’m using “full guide” here, because in order to be able to root this phone, you’ll need to perform 3 steps: unlock the bootloader, install the TWRP recovery and finally root the device with SuperSU.

I will say no more. If you own this phone and are interested into rooting it, here is the article on the XposedGeek website: Full guide to root your LG V10 phone

Build an high-tech mirror with an old phone

how to build an high-tech mirror

Cool looking mirror, uh? I had some spare time recently and decided to build an high-tech mirror. I had two old iPhone at home (one was mine, other one was to girlfriend… We’re on Android now ūüėõ ), so instead of having them sleeping in the bottom of a drawer, I built something more useful.

If you want a mirror like this, you totally can. I wrote a tutorial on how to build it on the Fooyok website. It is really easy to build, all what you need is an old phone and a two-way mirror. The two-way mirror will be your only expense and the price will vary depending on your mirror size, but mine cost something around $20.

Anyway, if you want more details about this, go read the tutorial: Build an homemade High-Tech mirror with an old phone

If you build one, please send me a picture of your final project! I’m interested to see your creations.


Facebook Hacks and Tricks Edition 2016

facebook hacks and tricks edition 2016

Hey guys, I’m really happy to announce the release of the 2016 edition of Facebook Hacks and Tricks! In this little eBook written by myself, you will be able to find many hacks and tricks to perform on the Facebook platform, such as:

– How to see private profile pictures
– How to disable chat’s read receipts
– How to hide your profile from other users
– How to use simply your first name and not your last name
– How to invite every friends to like a page in one click
– How to modify the Facebook theme
– How to see someone’s hidden friends

And many more. There is a total of 20 hacks and tricks you can perform.

Get the eBook here, and enjoy those tricks!

Waiting for your feedback ūüôā