Build an high-tech mirror with an old phone

how to build an high-tech mirror

Cool looking mirror, uh? I had some spare time recently and decided to build an high-tech mirror. I had two old iPhone at home (one was mine, other one was to girlfriend… We’re on Android now 😛 ), so instead of having them sleeping in the bottom of a drawer, I built something more useful.

If you want a mirror like this, you totally can. I wrote a tutorial on how to build it on the Fooyok website. It is really easy to build, all what you need is an old phone and a two-way mirror. The two-way mirror will be your only expense and the price will vary depending on your mirror size, but mine cost something around $20.

Anyway, if you want more details about this, go read the tutorial: Build an homemade High-Tech mirror with an old phone

If you build one, please send me a picture of your final project! I’m interested to see your creations.


The Samsung Gear VR – A virtual reality gadget

samsung gear vr virtual reality gadget

I recently wrote a review about the Samsung Gear VR on the Fooyok website. For those who don’t know what the Samsung Gear VR is, it’s a gadget which plunge you into a virtual world. It’s like the Oculus Rift, except it use your phone (which must be a Samsung Galaxy S5 or more). It has been developed by the Oculus team and Samsung.

If virtual reality is something that interest you, you should take a look to the article. Read the full article here.